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Department of Mathematics

Insight about the Course : 

Mathematics is acknowledged as the language of science . The mathematical sciences identify structures and study their relationships. They formulate powerful abstract, concepts and models that unify, clarify and predict phenomena in science and technology. The ability to detect similar structures and to derive results that  are applicable across different sciences represents an enormous strength.


About the Department :

The department was established in 2010 with Mathematics as a subsidiary subject. The department comprises Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry , Computer Science, Commerce & Economics .  The department provides Career Guidance classes & PSC Coaching to students of several streams in the college. The department has highly qualified, dedicated, & sincere faculty members. At present the department has two permanent faculties.


  • To provide a strong foundation , suitable for further study  and for career in mathematics or a related field , and there by inspiring ,energize ,motivate ,and stimulate creativity of students
  •  Teaching mathematics is to develop, in each and every student an understanding and love of mathematics that lasts a lifetime and evolve to meet changing demands .
  • To reason and communicate mathematically and hence make mathematics as a ‘Problem Solving Life Skill’ that helps students to be successful in their daily lives and in their chosen careers.


  • To promote connections among Mathematics, Computer Science and related disciplines and offer a base in Commerce
  • Provide a foundation for critical thinking by developing skills in problem solving and logic.
  • To provide excellent knowledge of Mathematical Science for suitable career and groom them for National recognition.