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Department of Economics

About the department

           The department of Economics  was started in the year 2020 for the course Bachelor of  Arts (BA).Currently there are three faculties in this department.

Economics is the study of production, distribution, and exchange of goods and services. It investigates such questions as price formation, level of employment of labor and other resources, efficient use of scarce resources, and the basis and effects of government policies in the economy. Economics also analyses, compares, and contrasts different economic systems in the world, and studies the international economic relations among countries.

The undergraduate economics program is designed to give students a beginning sense of what economists do as well as how they think. After taking the introductory course students are required to acquire a more thorough background in economic theory by taking Microeconomics, Macroeconomics. The remaining economics courses used to satisfy the major requirements go into specific aspects of economics (e.g., labor markets, industrial organization, money and banking, economic development, finance, cooperation) showing how economists analyze theoretical and empirical issues. Some upper division courses apply statistical methods, which are taught in the program.

Graduating majors can pursue graduate studies leading to an M.A. or Ph.D. in economics, or to a Master of Business Administration degree. The major is also especially useful for students interested in graduate studies in such areas as law, human resources, public policy and health economics. The majority of graduating economics majors who continue their education either go to law school or pursue an M.B.A. A small number of graduates have gone to graduate school in economics, receiving Ph.D.’s from various universities. More than half the graduating seniors go directly into the job market. The great majority find entry level positions in finance, marketing, sales, state and local government and various forms of business analysis and research. Many M.B.A. programs require applicants to have had work experience before applying to their program, so many students enter the job market temporarily and eventually return to school for an advanced degree.


   The CCST College Economics department prepares students for a diverse and changing world. Our goal is to impart quality education towards the holistic development of students and we strive to contribute to a economically literate society through teaching (with classrooms, labs), scholarship and service. Our vision is to emerge as a ‘Centre of Excellence for Higher Studies’ in the specialization of Economics.


The CCST College Economics department provides rigorous preparation of citizens whose career paths require expertise in Economics. Strong emphasis on students, incorporating independent learning experiences, extensive student interaction, and the maintenance of a friendly, supportive environment for all students, to prepare them to become accomplished citizens of critical thinking and independent analysis. The Economics Program helps students think critically about the economic issues they confront in their daily lives, and develop a commitment to be actively engaged with policy issues in local, national, and global communities.