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Anti Ragging Cell


Objectives of Anti Ragging Committee:

Anti-Ragging Committee will be the Supervisory and advisory committee on matters of planning action for building and preserving a culture of "Ragging Free Environment" in the  Campus. The Anti Ragging Squad will work under the supervision of Anti Ragging Committee and to engage in the works of checking places like buses, canteen, classrooms and other places of student congregation, for any incidences of ragging, and shall educate the students at large in the campus about consequences of ragging and related punishment provisions. 


The important functions of Anti Ragging Cell are as follows:

a. To take cognizance of any breach of discipline and suggest immediate disciplinary action in such cases

b. To implement and coordinate anti-ragging measures

c. To decide the quantum of punishment to be imposed on the erring students.

d. To monitor discipline among students' community in classroom as well as at other places.

e. To conduct enquiries of the defaulter students against individual/ collective indiscipline

f. Collection of relevant evidences of incidence of indiscipline

g. Liaison with District administration in matters regarding law and order situation in the institute

h. To take preventive steps such as issue of notices, warnings, instructions, regulating certain actions etc. against individual or collective indiscipline.




1. Mr.Vasu.V (Convener, Faculty of Malayalam)

2. Ms.Fathimma.A (Member, Faculty of Arabic)

3. Ms. Lakshmi.C (Member, Dept. of English)

4. Ms.Navya Simon.A  (Member, Dept. of Economics)





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